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What ingredients do fat burning pills contain?

What ingredients do fat burning pills contain?

Fat burners can contain more or less natural ingredients. Usually the substances underlying these products stimulate diuresis and can be obtained from fruit and vegetables . The best known ingredient is citrus aurantium (bitter orange) . This plant is native to South East Asia and belongs to a family of plants that groups several species: the most important active ingredient in bitter orange is synephrine. Synephrine is the substance behind the thermogenesis process, which is essential for losing weight Most effective fat burners.

White willow is another common ingredient in fat burning pills : it is a plant found on our continent, mainly near rivers. Another well-known slimming substance is agar agar, a gelling agent that can be extracted from red algae. Agar agar is also increasingly used in cooking as a vegan alternative to isinglass and is suitable for both sweets and savory dishes; it is also an ingredient that gives a great sense of satiety .

Certainly the best known slimming drink is green tea: its leaves, unlike those from which other types of tea are obtained, are not oxidized and are useful in combating free radicals, which are mainly responsible for cell aging. Unfortunately, like all teas, green tea contains theine, which as we have already seen is an exciting substance that can cause nervousness and sleep disturbances. Also worth keeping in mind is forskolin. This substance has the same natural origin as stevia, the famous vegan sweetener, and performs a very important function: it inhibits the production of fatsand consequently, thanks to his intervention, these are generated less frequently. An excellent ally, therefore, if our goal is to significantly reduce the number of fats produced.

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