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What is a herb grinder?

What is a herb grinder?

Herb grinders are devices for grinding fresh or dried herbs and spices. There are different variants and possibilities for this work today. You can grind your herbs and spices by hand or electronically. Everyone has to decide according to their respective benefit and their preferences. In general, herb grinders are used to refine and spice up dishes, salads or desserts with fresh ingredients and even there are grinder for marijuana.

The finger mill or grinder/crumbler: These herb grinders are small cylindrical finger grinders consisting of at least two parts that are rubbed together. The individual components of the grinder can vary in number. That always depends on the particular version.

The cheapest models are two-part and made of aluminium, metal, wood or plastic. There are also higher quality models that also have a sieve in the middle and a lower collection container. The parts are all compactly screwed on top of each other as cylinders and are turned in opposite directions with the fingers.

It is important to always keep the individual parts clean so that they do not stick together over time. Cleaning may not be very convenient as the small spaces between each grinding pin are difficult to keep clean.

The small herb grinders are relatively small devices and cannot grind large quantities at once. Nevertheless, they are particularly suitable for grinding herbs such as parsley, dill or basil or for pulverizing coffee or peanuts. Either to refine dishes with aromatic herbs or to freeze larger quantities already ground.

Mortar- The mortar is an old, prehistoric technique for crushing or crushing herbs or plant parts. A mortar is a bowl made of marble, granite or porcelain, for example, in which ingredients are ground with a pestle made of the same material until the desired texture is achieved. Depending on the consistency and dryness of the substances, this is either difficult or easy to do.

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