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Introduction To The Green Tea Weight Loss Reviews

Introduction To The Green Tea Weight Loss Reviews

In the era of competition and the world of dietics, where weight loss holds lot of importance, green tea plays an important role in massive and early Green tea weight loss reviews. Green tea is made up of Camellia sinensis leaves and has undergone minimal oxidation process. Green tea was originated in China but tradionally became popular among Asian cultures or countries where black tea was consumed most popularly.

There are usually three types of green teas available in the world viz.; Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea, and Other green teas.

  • Chinese green tea regarded as one of the most famous varieties of Yellow tea is cultivated on Junshan Island of Yueyang city of Hunan province. Other varieties of this kind that have rich content of green leaves are Zhejiang, Kaihua County (Dragon Mountain), Tian Mu, known as Green Top Gunpowder is another popular form of green tea grown in China among other varieties that acquires mint tea taste while brewing process.
  • Japanese green tea, ubiquitous in the country is commonly known as tea or “ocha” or “nihoncha”. Green tea was brought in Japan by a Japanese Buddhist priest of Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. Popular types of green tea in Japan are, Sencha (a decorated tea, grown in sunlight, tea made from first or second flushes), Fukamushicha (prepared from Sencha by processing it two times longer than Secha, giving it a deeper colour giving it full flavor), Gyokuro (fine and expensive type that is grown under shade rat rather full sun for approx 20days to attain pale green colour for infusion. The tea has amino acids and caffeine etc.) are popular Japanese green tea.
  • Other green tea includes Ceylon green tea Kahwah. Ceylon is Assamese tea stock. This kind of tea stock has a pungent tea and full colour. Kahwah is a tradional form of aroma tea served hot for quicker health benefits.

The importance of drinking green tea can be citied as help in reduction of weight, boost up in exercising schedules, reduction in risk of heart diseases, fighting dehydration benefits, fighting against cancers, protection from harmful UV rays, diabetes, anti ageing benefits etc.

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