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What Is The Best Kind Of Industrial Cleaner To Use?

The industrial citrus cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner that works effectively on substances that are difficult to remove, such as:

  • Dried and non-curing adhesives
  • Tape residues
  • Grease
  • Oils
  • Dirt

The cleaner is citrus oil-based and doesn’t contain petroleum distillate solvents or chlorinated compounds. Citrus cleaners are good with the other things, not just for industrial like:

  • Degreasing stove or grill
  • Removing stains
  • Cleaning house areas, such as:
    • Floors
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Wash cars

Gum and sticky adhesives are easily removed with citrus products.

What does the cleaner use for?

It is a highly effective aerosol cleaner used for cleaning and degreasing the following:

  • metal parts
  • motors
  • tools
  • printing presses
  • concrete

Why use industrial citrus cleaner?

Industrial citrus cleaners are used for different purposes in industrial settings due to their effectiveness and versatility. Here are some reasons why industrial citrus cleaners are used:

  • Cleaning power. Industrial citrus cleaners are highly effective at cutting through:
    • grease
    • grime
    • dirt

The natural solvents in citrus oils, such as d-limonene, are excellent at breaking down and dissolving tough stains and residues.

  • Environmentally friendly. Citrus-based cleaners are environmentally friendly as they are derived from natural bases. These are biodegradable and with lower effect on the environment.
  • Safety. Citrus cleaners are less toxic cleaners, making them safer to use. They often have a more pleasant scent compared to harsh chemical alternatives.
  • Versatility. Industrial citrus cleaners can be used on various surfaces and materials, including:
    • metal
    • glass
    • plastic
    • concrete and more

            Their versatility makes them suitable for various cleaning tasks in industrial settings.

  • Degreasing. Citrus cleaners are particularly effective at removing heavy grease and oil buildup, making them valuable in industrial settings where machinery and equipment often require degreasing.
  • Residue-Free. Many citrus cleaners leave little to no residue behind, which can be crucial in industries where clean, residue-free surfaces are necessary, such as in food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Reduced VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds contribute to indoor air pollution and health issues. Citrus cleaners have lower VOC content compared to some traditional cleaning products.
  • Regulatory compliance. Citrus-based cleaners meet or exceed these regulations, making them a preferred choice.
  • Degradable packaging. Some industrial citrus cleaners are available in packaging designed to be more environmentally friendly, such as recyclable or biodegradable containers.
  • Pleasant odor. Citrus-based cleaners often have a fresh and natural citrus scent, which can be more appealing than the strong chemical odors associated with some industrial cleaners

Industrial citrus cleaners have many advantages, but they may not be suitable for all cleaning tasks.

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