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Learn the types of roof fall protection systems

Learn the types of roof fall protection systems

A fall protection system is essential to lessen the hazards when working at heights. Working with flowers gives a different challenge for roofers and construction crews. There is a need to have a safety system that will help protect you when something happens. The rooftop workplace needs safety measures for the workers. Getting the right roof fall protection system can lessen the risk of mishaps and high on safety. Other types of fall protection are ideal for roofers.

Single point anchor

It is engineered for your building where structural supports are essential to resolve the loads in the structures. The single point anchors are used when the worker needs to access a small place at a height. It will matter on the anchorage’s size, retractable lanyard length, and fall distance where it gives a coverage area. It will count on the conditions; a single point can be available in galvanized, stainless steel, or coated finishes.

Parapet railings

The height of a parapet will depend on the purpose as it is made to attach to the top of the parapet. The tips will give good strength, and they will preserve the design of the building by making the railing less visible from below.

Crossovers and walkways

It uses modular components that give you a design to have a safe structure that is flexible, reliable, and supports your safety needs. It is used for easy access between roof elevations, tripping hazards, over parapets, and openings. These platforms will give dangerous workplaces a safe way to get a ticket and walk surfaces. It is made for standing seam and membrane roofs with concrete or metal decks.

Roof hatch

It will give perimeter protection to avoid falls and provides a place for workers to enter the hatch. It is easy to install on new or existing roof hatches and smoke vents with a cap flashing.

Roof walk

It will give a safe walking surface to protect the rooftop and workers accessing the roof. The walkway disperses the load from the foot traffic across the roof surface. It will give a marked path that protects the top from damage. It will provide access to rooftop equipment and fixtures to distribute the weight loads without penetrating the roof. It will allow the workers to walk on a safe surface and not give more stress to the ceiling.

Finding a fall protection system will depend on your environment and the need for the work undertaken. It is the responsibility of the employer to secure the right measure in place to avoid any accidents. You must be aware of the safety precautions and choose the best equipment. Ensure the fall protection system is suitable for your work environment.

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