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High hygiene and water repellency

High hygiene and water repellency

One of the main aspects that argue in favor of choosing a vinyl floor. derives from the hygiene that this material guarantees. It is no coincidence that until a few years ago, before entering domestic settings, it was used exclusively in hospitals. The vinyl floor has no joints and is not characterized by porosity and this allows you to carry out a deep cleaning with specific detergents, obtaining excellent hygienic results. Vinyl is also water repellent and for this reason it can easily be installed in environments such as the kitchen or bathroom, without any problem of water penetration, etc. This last aspect allows you to possibly opt for this material, instead of orienting yourself on the wooden floor, certainly more delicate luxury vinyl tile in bradenton fl.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Vinyl floors also have the advantage of being extremely easy to install. You can opt for a floating or glued installation, but in both cases the construction times for a vinyl floor are fast and do not require large equipment. Once installed, the floor requires no maintenance and is designed to last for many years. Cleaning is carried out with normal detergents and over time there is no need to follow any work, because the vinyl remains unchanged over time, unlike other materials which instead require periodic care and attention.

Economy and sound insulation

Also included in the list of advantages of vinyl floors is their affordability. It is one of the most convenient types of floors and for this reason they can be laid on a pre-existing floor and there is no need to invest large sums to give a new, contemporary, pleasant and stylish look to the rooms of your home. Another great feature of vinyl floors is their sound absorption. They are highly soundproof and therefore ensure highly efficient living comfort.

Disadvantages vinyl flooring

In evaluating the pros and cons for vinyl floors, you must obviously know some less positive aspects that characterize them, in order to have all the elements necessary for an evaluation. Here are some disadvantages of vinyl flooring.

Difficulty of removal

One of the few negative aspects of vinyl floors is the fact that the glues used for their installation may be difficult to remove. For this reason, once this type of flooring has been laid, you may have difficulty if you decide to replace it later. However, the problem is overcome by turning to the professionals of this material. Companies specializing in the installation of vinyl floors, in fact, have special products that facilitate the removal of glues and make it easier to remove the vinyl floor.

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