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Do you have to ship or transport pets?

Do you have to ship or transport pets?

you are looking for a way to carry out a hassle-free transport of pets or pets, you need professionals who are reliable, who have the right means to proceed with the transport (or shipment) and who can guarantee prices and fair times: our transporters who take care of the transport of dogs, cats and animals dedicate their work exclusively to this toronto pet relocation service.

What advantages do you have by choosing our solutions:

Selection of companies that deal exclusively with the transport of dogs, cats and other small friends;

Quiet and completely safe transport thanks to equipped vehicles;

Insurance coverage during the transport of the animal;

Collection and delivery near the nearest motorway exit.

Better than any improvised courier or relay , with specialists working for Macingo, the transport of dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, poultry fauna is safe, fast and above all not stressful for the animals themselves, being carried out by personnel who know the rules. in the field of transport and possesses the means to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

If you need to ship or transport animals by land, in Italy or in Europe, Macingo’s services are definitely what you need: you have a network of qualified transporters equipped with a fleet of trucks, vans, vans and trolleys made just for this. .

You will therefore be able to carry out the transport of pets or pets by choosing the best quote in terms of time, cost of the service and other variables. We transport puppies and adult animals, of any size, without problems.

The transport of dogs and pets always takes place from the toll booth to the toll booth (or near it), never in built-up areas or at home.

All unaccompanied pets, including tropical fish and other aquarium, terrarium or aviary animals, as well as live and similar bait are included in the AVI type of shipment. Not just dogs, cats and rabbits, then.

Children’s daily life becomes fuller and more active when a puppy is welcomed into the house and there are also physical benefits related to motor activity that the child can do together with his four-legged friend.

A child who has an animal tends to project his own anxieties and fears onto him. The transfer of these emotions allows him to have greater emotional stability as he grows up.

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